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Back up and protect your data

Back up to the internet
Discover which online back-up tools offer the best value and features

The why and where of backing up
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Back up files and settings
Protect your irreplaceable documents, email, images and program preferences
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Back up to the internet
Discover which online tools offer the best value and features for your money
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More back-up tools, tips and techniques
Back up different versions of the same file and more
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Copy your hard drive
Drive imaging tools enable you to back up your entire Windows installation
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Free backup is finally here.  Mozy Remote Backup.
s we discussed at the beginning of this feature, backing up to the internet is an excellent idea, either as your primary backup or as a fail-safe option. It ticks all the right boxes, including the all-important one concerning keeping at least one backup of your data in a secure location well away from your PC.
   The growth in broadband connections make online backups a practical option to consider, and as a result a number of online back-up providers compete in a crowded marketplace for your business. At first glance they appear to offer much the same thing, but look a little closer and you'll find certain providers can give you options not found elsewhere.
   If you don't have a lot of data to back up - less than 2GB in total - then it's madness not to take advantage of Mozy's free 2GB account. Other back-up providers offer more space for free, but Mozy allows you to use its own back-up client to manage your backups, which loosely translates into enabling you to set up your backup once and then let Mozy take care of the rest.
   Should you require more space, or you discover that 2GB isn't enough for your needs, you can then upgrade to one of three plans: monthly, annual and bi-annual. Prices start from US$4.95 a month, with generous discounts if you pay for a year or two's protection.

Beware your bandwidth!

Back up multiple PCs
One of the limitations found in many online back-up providers is that the service is tied to a single PC. That means you can't protect both your laptop and desktop from the same account, never mind the rest of your family. One back-up provider that does allow you to back up all your family's computers is Diino. 39.95 gives you unlimited backup for a year, although you are limited to 100GB when it comes to sharing files with others.
   The step-by-step guide below reveals how it works - unlike other back-up providers, Diino doesn't automatically update backups in the background, but performs scheduled updates, so there is a small risk of data loss if files are lost between being edited and backed up. Click here to find out more and sign up, then follow the step-by-step guide below to discover how to configure your first backups.

Step-by-step: Back up a folder with Diino







Other back-up providers
We also have personal experience using Carbonite, which offers unlimited backup for a single computer, and which keeps multiple versions of your files, enabling you to roll back your changes. Click here for more information.
   You might also want to consider using Windows Live Mesh (here), a free service from Microsoft that enables you to synchronise data effortlessly between two or more computers. Part of the service includes 5GB of online storage, which is where a spare copy of your files is kept. This enables you to keep your computers synchronised without having to worry about them being switched on, but a side benefit is that a back-up copy of your files are stored on the Mesh servers. It's still in beta, and a little flaky, but we'll be featuring it in more detail in a future tutorial, which we'll flag here in due course.
    If 5GB isn't enough space, but you like the idea of being able to synchronise between your PCs, sign up for Humyo (click here), which offers a monthly service for 4.59 (it's 45.99 for the whole year). You're limited to 100GB in total, but you can access your online storage as if it was a drive attached to your PC, which can be useful.

Mozy Remote Backup.  Free.Automatic.Secure.

Back up your email

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