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Faster file-sharing
Need to get files from one PC to another in a hurry? Nick Peers reveals everything you need to know about speedy file transfers
The principles of transferring files between PCs
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Size up your files
Faster transfers start with good compression
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Get files faster over a network
Make more of networking by sharing your files and folders
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Internet sharing
Discover how to share files over the web and by FTP
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Peer-to-peer filesharing
P2P gets a bad press, but it's one of the best ways to share
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A guide to using and optimising this popular P2P network
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here comes a point in everyone's computing life where they need to transfer a file from one computer to another. If both PCs are in the same room or house, you might make do with an intermediary drive or device like a CD or flash drive. It's fine for one-off transfers, but if you find yourself transferring files on a regular basis it can soon become a frustrating experience.
   The principles for transferring files over a network are the same as for the internet - place the file in a location where it's accessible to the other computer, and leave that computer to get on with the process of transferring it. It's quicker and more convenient, but that doesn't mean you can't do more to make the process even faster and simpler.
   That's all well and good for files you simply wish to transfer, but what about files or documents you'd like to collaborate on? You'll be surprised at how a new generation of web-based applications makes it possible for people in different countries to work on the same document simultaneously - and all for free.
   In this feature we'll look at different ways of sharing and collaborating on files, plus reveal tips and techniques for faster transfers. You'll be surprised at how much time you can save with a bit of know-how, so read on to become enlightened in the art of file sharing.

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