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Welcome to the Support PCs Q&A Database. This fully searchable archive contains questions I've answered over the past six years for a number of magazines, including PC Answers, Microsoft Windows Vista Magazine and Microsoft Windows XP Magazine (both UK and Australian editions).

I've built up a collection of around 1,000 questions and it's still growing. Over time I aim to add all of these to the database, so keep checking back. You can browse the list below - click a category header to filter the results, and click a question title to read the answer. If you're looking for more specific advice, use the Google custom search box above, which enables you to search the full site quickly and easily.

Nick Peers.

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Font repair - Software

I have an old PC Answers CD (issue 52!) with a font called EXK892.TTF. Although it installed fine on my old computer running Windows 98, it won't work with my new machine running Windows XP Professional. I've tried to find the font on the Internet with no success, and I need it for my company logo. What can I do?

A user for every situation - Windows

I would like to set up a dedicated user profile specifically for CD and DVD burning - this is to ensure that only the software required to burn my discs is loaded at startup. I wish to keep all my start-up programs for my other user. This is to prevent other programs running in the background or trying to access the hard disk, which might affect the burning process. Is there a way that this can be done?

Norton 2005 error message - Internet & Security

I have Office 2003 and Norton AntiVirus 2005 installed on my PC. Whenever I start my PC or open an Office application I get the following error message: "Norton AntiVirus 2005 does not support the repair feature: uninstall and reinstall." I've tried this with both Norton and Office, but to no avail - I still get the message, which is very annoying! Can you help?

Unwanted Incredimail ad - Internet & Security

I love using Incredimail as my email manager, but it always attaches an advert of itself to the bottom of my outgoing mail. Would official sites like banks or the government reject this? I usually opt for Outlook to send corporate mail, but I would like to stick to just one program if possible.

Wrong date in Word - Software

Please can you help me with a very annoying occurrence in Microsoft Word 2002? Whenever I load a saved letter that I've created using a template does it always show the current date as opposed to the date the letter was written? Is there a way to overcome this problem?

Hyperlink problems - Internet & Security

I installed Firefox, but decided to remove it. Now I can't access any hyperlinks from email messages or programs on my PC. I've never had this problem before, and don't know where to start in order to fix it. Please help!

Browse offline with Firefox - Internet & Security

Firefox does not seem to retain copies of the various site pages I have been visiting when I've finished and disconnected my dial-up service and gone back offline. If I attempt to access a page offline I get an alert telling me that the site cannot be found and that I should check the name and try again. Is this a particular problem with Firefox, the site I'm trying to access or do all sites now expect everyone to have a permanent broadband connection?

Can't access older CD sessions - Windows

When I had Windows 98 on my computer, I saved my photos in sessions on to CD. Unfortunately, since upgrading to XP I can only open the last session that was saved on the CD. Please help, as I have many photos saved and am unable to access them

Explorer.exe won't run - Windows

My computer has recently been hit with the Smitfraud.C trojan. I have followed the instructions online, and everything seems to be fine, except explorer.exe will not start. I copied the file and named it explorer2.exe and this works. Could you please tell me what to do to get the original explorer.exe working so I can get my Desktop and Taskbar back please?

Remove the Banker-FN Trojan - Internet & Security

I'm running Windows XP and recently I seem to have caught some sort of virus or spyware. My PC has slowed considerably and I'm having problems with my browser settings and pop-ups. I'm running up-to-date Norton AntiVirus, Windows Defender, Ad-Aware, CW Shredder, About: Buster and Hijack This! None of the programs have found anything, but I'm not convinced, so have attached my Hijack This! scan to this email. Can anyone see anything that shouldn't be here?

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