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Welcome to the Support PCs Q&A Database. This fully searchable archive contains questions I've answered over the past six years for a number of magazines, including PC Answers, Microsoft Windows Vista Magazine and Microsoft Windows XP Magazine (both UK and Australian editions).

I've built up a collection of around 1,000 questions and it's still growing. Over time I aim to add all of these to the database, so keep checking back. You can browse the list below - click a category header to filter the results, and click a question title to read the answer. If you're looking for more specific advice, use the Google custom search box above, which enables you to search the full site quickly and easily.

Nick Peers.

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.NET Framework error after upgrade - Windows

Why do I keep getting an error code (643) with the .NET Framework 1.1 after upgrading from Windows XP to Windows Vista? And how do I fix it?

Photo frame conundrum - Hardware

I’ve downloaded some photos from my camera on to my laptop (Windows Vista Home Premium) to fix problems like red eye, brightness or cropping. I can print the amended photos without problems, but I would like to download these amended photos to an SD card for use in my digital photo frame, but so far no success. Can you guide me please?

Where are the drivers? - Hardware

I’m new to Vista, having installed it on my Dell Inspiron 1525 – is it possible to install the CD software for my Lexmark P915 printer and Sony Ericsson K550i mobile phone? I’ve tried both CDs, but neither worked.

Dual-boot problem - Windows

I have a new pc with Windows Vista Home Premium installed and was delighted when issue 15 offered information for a dual-boot installation. I’ve followed the instructions to create a new 15GB partition (drive D), but when I load my Windows XP disc and the “Welcome to Microsoft Windows XP” screen appears, the first option – “Install Windows XP” – is greyed out and cannot be selected. Can you help me bypass this problem to set up my dual-boot system?

Straighten old photos - Software

I’m trying to find photo-editing software that can straighten up photos as I’m scanning a lot of old photos and sometimes they go a bit awry. Can you help please?

Disable boot menu - Windows

I have a Compaq computer system, which was purchased with Windows XP. My computer has two drives: C drive as standard, and a D drive with all the Windows XP recovery information. I upgraded to Windows Vista Home Premium Edition and all is working well. My only problem is due to the recovery partition: when booting up in the morning I have a 30 second delay when the computer is asking if I want to start Windows Vista or an earlier version of Windows. Is there any way around this so my system boots straight into vista without the 30 second delay?

Media Center unavailable - Windows

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium. Initially I had Media Center and everything seemed fine until it disappeared leaving no trace. Having limited experience I wondered if you could point me in the right direction using words of few syllables?

Reinstall Windows question - Windows

I’m curious to know if someone upgrades to Windows Vista and then suffers a hard drive failure, can they install an upgrade version of Windows Vista on a brand new hard drive? Or do they have to first install their previous version of Windows and then go through the upgrade process again?  If they technically have to go through the upgrade process again to reinstall on a new hard drive, is there a way to create a full install disc from their upgrade disc that doesn’t have this requirement?

Recover Windows Anytime Upgrade - Windows

What would happen should I need to recover my system after purchasing a Windows Anytime Upgrade from Windows Vista Home Basic to Home Premium?

Can't access email? - Internet & Security

Why am I unable to collect my Tesco email after setting up an account with Windows Mail? I keep getting 0x800CCLOD error messages about "hosts not being found".

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