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Welcome to the Support PCs Q&A Database. This fully searchable archive contains questions I've answered over the past six years for a number of magazines, including PC Answers, Microsoft Windows Vista Magazine and Microsoft Windows XP Magazine (both UK and Australian editions).

I've built up a collection of around 1,000 questions and it's still growing. Over time I aim to add all of these to the database, so keep checking back. You can browse the list below - click a category header to filter the results, and click a question title to read the answer. If you're looking for more specific advice, use the Google custom search box above, which enables you to search the full site quickly and easily.

Nick Peers.

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Guide not picking up ITV listings - Windows

Why is my TV guide not picking up ITV's listings in Windows Media Center? Every other channel appears okay.

PC won't stay asleep - Windows

I am running Windows Vista Ultimate. There seems to be a problem with the Sleep function. It has worked perfectly until recently, but now when I click the Sleep button the computer shuts down, but immediately starts up again; this happens every time
All that I have done is to use Disk Cleanup, but only to remove Temporary Files and temporary internet Files, which I have done many times before with no adverse effects so I don't think the problem is there. Could you please find a fix for this annoying error?

No volume or network icons - Windows

I have downloaded Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista via Microsoft Update, but since installing it the network and volume icons in the Taskbar Notification Area are no longer there.  If I right-click the Notification Area icon and choose Properties both options are greyed out and inaccessible. Can you help me put them back?

Disable image preview - Internet & Security

When I receive a photograph as an attachment in Windows Mail, it inserts the photograph when I open the message preview pane. Is there anyway of preventing this?

System recovery conundrum - Windows

My new laptop has suffered the Windows Vista black screen of death randomly just before I logged in after a month of having it. As I bought this laptop from Sony I did not receive the Windows Vista DVD to repair it. Is it possible to get it downloaded from somewhere just to fix the problem? I am still within my warranty, but donít want to send it off to Sony for a month.

DVD drive problem - Hardware

I had no real problems with installing Service Pack 1, but now find that neither of my DVD drives is recognised. Is this due to SP1? One is an ATAPI DVD A DH20A1P and the other an Optiarc DVD RW AD-5170A. Both are ATA Devices. A code 19 error appears to be quite prevalent! Is Microsoft working on this and will it soon be fixed? Do other makes suffer the same problem? Would an external USB2 drive work OK?

Setting up a wireless printer - Hardware

Iíve been given a Lexmark Wi-Fi Printer. Iím not connected wirelessly to my Internet connection, so my question is whether I could use an Edimax wireless USB adapter to connect to the printer, or would I need to go totally wireless?

Video too dark to watch - Hardware

Iím having problems watching video through Windows Media Player 11. Iím running Windows Vista Home Premium and have an ATI Radeon X550 graphics card. I can just about make out a picture, but itís far too dark to be watchable. Iím using genuine discs, and have tried to change the settings in the View Enhancements window, but they always revert to the default. The PC is working fine except for this annoying glitch. Can you help?

Can't install Service Pack 1 - Windows

Despite my best efforts, I can get Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista installed on my PC. Can you provide me with any advice?

Install Vista on a Mac - Windows

Can I install Windows Vista on an Apple Mac? It's a modern model with an Intel processor instead of an IBM one.

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