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Welcome to the Support PCs Q&A Database. This fully searchable archive contains questions I've answered over the past six years for a number of magazines, including PC Answers, Microsoft Windows Vista Magazine and Microsoft Windows XP Magazine (both UK and Australian editions).

I've built up a collection of around 1,000 questions and it's still growing. Over time I aim to add all of these to the database, so keep checking back. You can browse the list below - click a category header to filter the results, and click a question title to read the answer. If you're looking for more specific advice, use the Google custom search box above, which enables you to search the full site quickly and easily.

Nick Peers.

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Motherboard upgrade and Windows activation - Windows

After upgrading my Sony VAIO PCV RS402 motherboard with an ASRock P4i65G, can I still boot into my existing Windows XP installation?

Data recovery - Windows

Can I recover files from a reformatted drive with Windows XP reinstalled?

Missing mail messages - Internet & Security

After installing DBXTriever I am no longer able to open my email in Outlook Express. What can I do?

Outlook links glitch - Internet & Security

Clicking on a link in Outlook 2003 throws up an Open dialog box with "Locate Link Browser" listed instead of opening my web browser. How do I resolve this?

NAS set-up query - Hardware

Do I need to install any software with a network hard drive connected to my router?

Browse old History files - Internet & Security

How do I browse my old History file to access a web site I visited shortly before reinstalling Windows XP?

Power cut issues - Hardware

After a power cut my Windows XP PC takes about five minutes to load up, but then it's okay. Any thoughts?

Access browser temp files - Internet & Security

How do I gain access to the temporary files stored by my browser?

Is this program reliable? - Internet & Security

After it found two Trojans I purchased the full version of RemoveIt Pro, but it won't let me update. Any ideas?

Can't access certain sites - Internet & Security

Why won't certain web sites load on my PC? I'm using a second-hand BT Voyager 190 ADSL modem.

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