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Connect laptop to TV

QI would like to connect my laptop to my TV so I can use it as a DVD player, but I have no idea what cable I need, or even if I can use my laptop for this! Please help me!


You donít mention which laptop model you have, but youíll need two outputs on your laptop that are typically found on most: the first is a small round yellow socket usually found on the back of your laptop, which is the S-Video socket. The other socket you need is either a line out (unlikely) or headphones socket (more likely).
   You also need a TV with the correct inputs, which will ultimately decide which cables you need.
The solution you pick will be determined by your budget, and the prices and codes below are taken from
   First, you need two separate cables for video and audio: S-Video to S-Video (£3.60, 35551), and Stereo 3.5mm plug to 2x RCA plugs (£2.80, 35491). Both cables are two metres long; longer cables are also available from the same site. Your TV will require either equivalent S-Video and RCA audio inputs or a SCART socket - if it only has the latter, youíll also need a SCART adapter (£3.25, 35570).
   Once done, plug them all in and switch your TV on, switching to the A/V channel. If nothing appears, open the Display Properties Control Panel, switch to the Settings tab and click Advanced. Look for a Display tab or something similar where youíre able to switch on the S-Video port to allow the laptopís display to route through the TV.
   Finally, when watching DVD movies (youíll need a DVD player like VLC Media Player - - to do so), look for the option to run them full screen, so you get the best possible picture from your TV.

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