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Can't install the Recovery Console

QI’ve found the Recovery Console so useful for troubleshooting purposes that I attempted to install it on my new PC’s hard drive from my Windows XP CD. I had no problems doing so last year on my old PC, but this time round I’m receiving error messages that tell me that it’s an older version of Windows and so won’t install. The only possible culprit I can think of is Service Pack 2, which wasn’t on that other PC when I originally installed the Recovery Console to it.


You’re right - the problem is with SP2 because its files are (obviously) newer than those on the Windows XP CD. Ironically, you’re being ‘protected’ by Windows itself, which has detected that the files you’re trying to install are from an older OS (Windows XP pre-SP2) and is blocking them as a consequence.
   You can, of course, still access the Recovery Console by booting from your Windows XP CD. Check your BIOS is set to enable you to boot from CD, put the disc into your PC and restart; when you see “Press any key to boot from CD”, press a key and choose R to start the Recovery Console from the ‘Welcome to Setup’ screen.
   If you’re adamant about installing the Recovery Console to your hard drive, the simplest method by far - and one which will reap dividends should you ever need to reinstall Windows itself - is to create a slipstreamed Windows XP CD with the SP2 updates integrated into it. Click <a href="" target="_blank">here</a> for a tutorial.

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