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Sorting the Outlook 2000 bar



I use Outlook 2000 and have a number of folders, where I store my incoming emails. I've placed each of the names of the folders as a short cut on the Outlook bar shortcut. These appear to be set up in a random fashion. Is there any way that I can sort the short cut bar, for example in alphabetic sequence??


There's no way to magically right-click the bar and choose to sort alphabetically, but you can manually rearrange the shortcuts on the Outlook 2000 bar simply by clicking and holding the mouse button on one and then dragging it to its new position. You can also alter the order of the three tabs - Outlook Shortcuts, My Shortcuts and Other Shortcuts - by manually tweaking the outlbar.inf file. To find out more about this, check out the article below.

This Q&A was originally published in issue 150 of PC Answers

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