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QIím trying to use an old IBM PC Web cam in Windows ME, but when I install the driver that came with it, it refuses to work. I check the cameraís entry in Device Manager and it throws up the following error message: ďThe NTKERN.VXD device loader(s) for this device could not load the device driver.  (Code 2)Ē Can you help?


The NTKERN.VXD error is the scourge of many a failed hardware installation. In this case, we first suggested removing the driver as thoroughly as possible and then reinstalling it, but had no success - the camera threw up an additional error message: ďA required .DLL file, CPLAYDLL.DLL, was not foundĒ.
   We wanted to know what model number the Web cam was, but there was none provided in the documentation. However, we were given a part number - 33L4889. Entering this into a Google search gave us loads of results, including links to drivers for different versions of Windows. We tracked down a driver from DriverGuide (, which claimed to work with Windows ME, and thankfully it worked, suggesting the camera had been bundled with Windows 98 drivers only. Although you have to register for free to use DriverGuide, itís well worth doing if you have old and obscure hardware - itís one of the most comprehensive driver depositories on the Web.

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