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Disable Function Lock key

QWhy does my Microsoft keyboard always insist on switching the Function Key lock on every time I start my PC? Iíve looked everywhere for a setting to switch it off by default, but I canít find one. Can you help?


Microsoft has yet to incorporate an option into its Intellitype Pro software that lets you disable the Function Key lock by default, and you wonít find any such option in your system BIOS either. Itís not all doom and gloom though - Microsoft MSVP Jason Tsang has developed a workaround.
   Basically, Jason has discovered how to map your function keys in such a way as to effectively make the Function key lock work in reverse, so when itís switched off (the default setting) your function keys work as they would if they werenít enhanced.
   Jasonís workaround works by altering the Registry, and heís provided the required file (and full instructions) at - make sure you read the instructions carefully and download the correct version for your keyboard.

This Q&A was originally published in issue 150 of PC Answers

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