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Power-conscious question

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QWhat is the best way to leave a PC? Is it on a screen saver, standby, hibernate or shut down? I seem to suffer fewer crashes when it's left on screen saver!


As always, it depends on various factors. If you’re just popping out for a couple of minutes, leave it on the screensaver, but consider switching off your monitor. If you’re going away for half an hour, considering putting it on standby, or if you’re really conscious about economics and environment, try hibernation in XP or sleep in Vista. Again, switch off your monitor – CRTs consume up to 70 watts per hour, while you can extend your LCD’s life by switching it off when not in use. Finally, if you’ve finished using it at the end of the day, close all programs and shut down – aside from considerations about power consumption, it’s the safest way to store your PC’s data when idle, and you should cold start your PC at least once a day.

This Q&A was originally published in issue 150 of PC Answers

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