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PC keeps freezing

QI'm using a Japanese NEC laptop Ė model LC700J/64H Ė thatís four years old. Itís a Pentium III 700MHz with 128MB RAM running Windows Millennium. Iíve customised the start-up programs and anti-virus to use the minimal resources, but it still freezes at times and really doesnít like summer.
The RAM is tiny by todayís standards, and although Iím not running the resource-hungry XP I was wondering if the freezing might be reduced and performance improved by upgrading the RAM. Would the PC run better and be less stressed with more RAM?


The freezing could be down to any number of factors, Patrick. You donít mention whether the system completely freezes, or whether it momentarily pauses before resuming. If itís the former Ė coupled with your comment about summer Ė then you may have a heat problem with the laptop. We would recommend you get it checked out Ė it might be that the internal heatsink or fan is clogged with dust, and you might be able to verify this yourself by checking the side, back and underside of your laptop. If it does look dusty, you can improve the airflow with a miniature vacuum cleaner.
   The less RAM you have, the more the hard drive has to do, so a RAM upgrade would definitely help reduce the load on your drive, which would lower its heat output too. This will improve performance in Windows Me, and is essential if you do decide to upgrade to Windows XP (we recommend 256MB as an absolute minimum, and 512MB if you can afford it and your laptop supports it).

This Q&A was originally published in issue 150 of PC Answers

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