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Welcome to the Tips section of Support PCs. Here you'll find hundreds of tips covering a wide variety of subjects, and we'll be adding to the collection all the time, so keep checking back. Each collection is described below - click on a header to view the tips from that collection.

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100 best keyboard shortcuts
Fed up with pointing and clicking all the time? Support PCs reveals how to speed things up with the best keyboard shortcuts for your PC

250 Microsoft Office tips
Are you using Microsoft Office to its fullest potential? Nick and Toni Peers are on hand to help you boost your productivity with this essential tips collection - the tips are designed for Office 97-2003, but many will work in Office 2007 too

50 tips for Microsoft Office 2007
Check out this handy guide to getting to grips with the latest version of Microsoft Office, from tips, tweaks, shortcuts and much more besides

50 ways to customise Windows Vista
Personalise Windows Vista to your individual tastes with this sleek and stylish collection of tips

50 ways to speed up Windows Vista
Discover tweaks and techniques for speeding up your Windows Vista-powered PC with our collection of top performance-enhancing tips

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