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Back up your recovery partition
Did your PC ship without a recovery disc or recovery disc creation tool? Take matters into your own hands with our step-by-step guide
Take good care of your hard drive
Ensure your drive lasts longer by following our health regimen
Use formulae and functions in Microsoft Excel
Develop more powerful spreadsheets in Excel by getting to grips with functions and formulae


Repair Windows when it wonít start
Canít get Windows 7 or Vista to boot? Discover how to use its start-up repair tools to get up and running again

Repair Windows XP by reinstalling
Perform a repair installation to fix problems with Windows XP without losing your data or settings

Remote control your PC
Access any PC over the internet for troubleshooting or remote access purposes

Fix a corrupt Registry
A damaged Registry file can lock you out of your system and important files. We explain how to cure - and prevent - this problem with our essential guide


Create a stunning photo slideshow
Make a professional-looking video slideshow of all your photos and share them with friends and family

Become a publishing wizard
Create brochures, flyers, newsletters and more with Serif PagePlus SE, a powerful, yet user-friendly desktop publishing package that's completely free

Stream audio and video with VLC Media Player
Stream your own media files. Joe Cassels shows how VLC Media Player can send and receive them in real time

Transfer movies to your portable media player or handheld device
Discover how to transfer home movies to your portable video player, handheld computer or Windows Mobile-powered phone.


Speed up your gaming performance
Youíve added extra memory, purchased a new graphics card and still canít get your games running as fast as youíd like them to. Read on to discover all the free tweaks and tips to optimising your PC for gaming. Part one of two

Power up your network by transforming your router
Want to give your router more features and enjoy better network performance for free? Discover how DD-WRT might make it possible

Run Linux applications seamlessly in Windows
Experience Linux without leaving the safety of Windows. Joe Cassels guides you with the help of the innovative software andLinux

Set up a dual-boot system
Install two versions of Windows on your PC for compatibility or just familiarity with our comprehensive guide


Keep track of your home finances in Microsoft Excel
Feeling the effects of the recession? Take control of your money by tracking where it goes with the help of our step-by-step spreadsheet guide

Keep a daily diary on your PC
Discover how to record your private thoughts digitially - without blogging or sharing with others

Speed up Microsoft Office
Revolutionise the way you use Microsoft Office and save time with the help of macros

Stay organised with Windows Calendar
Trouble keeping on top of your busy schedule? Let Windows Vista organise your life with the help of its calendar-based tool


Back up and protect
your data

Your data is at risk - and recovery doesn't come cheap. We reveal how to back it up easily, safely and automatically

Faster file-sharing
Transfer files between PCs and over the internet quickly, easily and safely with our complete six-page guide. Includes sections on using BitTorrent, FTP and networks

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