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Transfer movies to your portable media player or handheld device
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Discover how to transfer home movies to your portable video player, handheld computer or Windows Mobile-powered phone.

f you’ve got a large collection of videos on your computer that you’d like to watch on a portable device such as your video player or Windows Mobile-powered handheld or phone, then you’ll be glad to learn that all the software you need isn’t just free, it’s easy to use too.
   What this project will show you is how to convert your video file into a format and size that’s optimised for your device’s smaller screen. It’ll also take up less space on your portable device, freeing up space for other music and video files. You’ll need three programs: the first two deal with converting your movie to the new format; the third is required if you plan to play back the converted file on a Windows Mobile-powered device.
Play home movies on your iPod
 iPod users can’t play the AVI files produced by PocketDivXEncoder, but you’ll find another free program will convert video from many formats into a type recognised by your iPod. Download and install Freez iPod Video Converter from here - it’s simple to use – just select your movie file or files, then choose some basic video and audio settings (you can resize the movie to fit your iPod’s screen) before clicking the Convert button. Once done, use iTunes to transfer the converted movie to your iPod.

Step-by-step: Convert and transfer movies to your portable device

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