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Keep a daily diary on your PC
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Discover how to record your private thoughts digitially - without blogging or sharing with others

iaries offer a fascinating insight into people's lives throughout history. But they're also useful from a personal point of view, chronicling your personal history and giving you an insight into the events and feelings that have shaped your life.
   Writing a diary using pen and paper requires a fair amount of discipline, but your PC makes recording your daily history a simple task, thanks to a free tool.
Keep a private journal
iDailyDiary enables you to record the day's events in far less time than it would take to write it by hand. Just download and install the program from here and it'll start automatically. Give your name a diary and - if you're worried about security or privacy - assign a password to it.
   After a short pause the program will begin proper - it will default to the current day, with an introductory message giving you a quick tour of the program. Read through it to familiarise yourself with the program's features, then press [Ctrl] + [A] and press the [Delete] key to remove the message. You're now ready to start writing your diary - as the step-by-step guide reveals, iDailyDiary is as simple as using Microsoft Word, so you'll soon get to grips with it.

Step-by-step: Post a journal entry

Reasons to go digital
There are plenty of advantages to using iDailyDiary over paper and ink: you can quickly and easily edit your entries, insert photos and other images to help illustrate the events of the day and even search your diary for specific words or passages without having to manually flip through it.
   You can also split up each day's entries into separate tabs, enabling you to record specific details like a work schedule or your diet without affecting your normal diary entry. To do this, just right-click on the Page 1 tab and choose New Diary Page Tab (you can also rename any tabs from this menu).
   To customise iDailyDiary to your personal tastes and requirements, choose View > Preferences. You can alter default colours and styles, set up automatic tabs to save you the bother of doing this manually, change auto-save and back-up settings and more besides.
   When you've finished, just close the window - iDailyDiary will still be available from the Notification area of the Taskbar. Click its icon and - if necessary - enter your password to start recording your thoughts again.
   iDailyDiary is a simple tool to use, but if you want more features you'll find a 30-day trial of iDailyDiary Professional (US$30) is available from the same link as iDailyDiary itself - choose View > Preferences > Professional in iDailyDiary itself to find out more about the extra features available.

Annotation: Record your day-to-day life

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